Maxmate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Truck bed covers are becoming the need of every truck driver due to extreme weather conditions from the last few years.

Transporting goods has always been hard because extreme weather conditions like direct UV rays, dust, thunderstorms, and rain may damage your valuable items. And don’t forget your things could be stolen when you are just a bit away from your vehicle, which also leads to loss.

Whenever you are traveling with valuable items, you are worried about its safety. A driver cannot concentrate on driving while worrying about his things in the truck bed. This problem can be solved by isolating items under some protection. Things cannot be appropriately covered without some Tonneau cover. MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover will be the best choice.

If you are going to order this cover, make sure that your truck bed’s length is not more than 5.2 feet. So, to prevent your things from damage, make this purchase and transport goods from one place to another safely. It will be an excellent investment to save fuel.


  • Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover
  • Tear Resistant Vinyl
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Safety Buckles
  • Hinge Seal
  • Air Craft Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Front And Rear Security Clamps
  • Easy To Install
  • US Patented Design
  • Simple And Sleek Look
  • Tension System
  • Latch Lock System
  • Durable
  • 10 Years Warranty


A tonneau cover will be a nice upgrade if you are a truck owner and want to upgrade your truck. As everyone knows that the primary purpose of the truck is the transportation of goods and cargo.

When you are transporting some valuables, your primary objective is to take items to the destination safe and sound. A detailed review is written below to help you decide if MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover fits best for you or not. A truck bed should not only protect your items but should also enhance your truck’s look. Maxmate is a well-renowned company when it comes to truck bed covers, Maxmate manufactures rollable and trifold truck bed covers.

Its tri-fold design makes it unique from other truck bed covers; you can fold or unfold cover within seconds to oversized cargo items. And with its tension system surface is always wrinkle less in different weather conditions. It comes with pre-assembled crossbars; you have to put all the parts together and be ready to use it. Saves your precious time and money as you don’t have to make any changes to your truck or modify it.

So you can consider this cover as the affordable item in your budget. Due to its simple and sleek design, it does looks not only significant but also proves full protection to your cargo. The cover is dual-coated and made of heavy-duty marine-grade vinyl, by which its durability is not doubted.

Using a truck bed cover can save up to 13% fuel cost, which is quite enough. The surface of MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover does not catch stains due to vinyl. It is easily wipeable and washable. It can be beneficial for camping purposes because you will be able to carry your goods with safety.

Design and features:

Most truck bed covers require the truck to be customized, which can lighten your pockets. No drill easy installation feature makes it user-friendly, as a user can easily install himself without modifying his truck or making any changes to it. It does not need any maintenance and care.

Nobody wants their things to get damage; this tonneau covers provide full protection of your goods.No matter how much extreme weather it is. It protects your stuff from UV rays, dirt, rain, thunderstorm, and bird dungs. This tonneau cover keeps the goods from being stolen and keeps your things organized as well. The cover is dual-coated made up of 24oz marine-grade vinyl. So it is one of the best tonneau covers presented by the MaxMate.

The metal part of this tenure cover is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum, making it lightweight but sturdy and robust at the same time. Its material is tear-resistant, so without worrying about the cargo, you can concentrate on your driving. MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover’s simple design will look great with any truck. The cover doesn’t get rough because of its scratch-resistant feature.

To provide a quick latch, it has a rear clamp. Easy opening and closing of truck bed cover are due to this clamp. The rear and front clamps are made of stainless steel, which is reliable and does not get rusty. The locking system of MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover is simple but reliable, which keeps the moisture and dirt from getting in. For weather protection, the high-quality hinge seal is provided that protects your goods efficiently.

The top-rated tonneau cover alters the aerodynamics so that moving forward becomes a bit easy for a truck. The tonneau cover is fuel-efficient, which means it would be an economic investment. Up to 13% of fuel can be saved by using tonneau cover.13% does not seem much, but when you are on a long drive, it cannot be unnoticed.

This cover is durable and sturdy because it features a weather protection seal, naturally open and close function, and tension system, which does not let cover to wrinkle. Its Buckle Safety makes it more safe and reliable.

  • Easy To Install
  • Durable and Reliable
  • Fuel-Efficient
  • Hinge Seal For Weather Protection
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Tear-resistant
  • Safe and Secure
  • It sometimes starts flapping at fast speed.



MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover has almost all features a tonneau cover should have. You will never regret this purchase as it can save your valuable items in all weather conditions and keeps them from being stolen. Your truck will be upgraded, in which you can keep vehicle accessories in an organized way, i.e., Stepney, for an emergency.

MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover provides not only protection but also a space to organize items. Moreover, it is fuel-efficient and economical. And comes with a 10-year Warranty. So, one should give it a try.

MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

So you are experiencing difficulty in moving your valuable things or load from one spot to another that these things could easily get harmed because of terrible climate conditions.

Your truck needs a cover that will cover your cargo from the downpour, rainstorms, winds, and direct sun rays. A tonneau cover is the best solution to all these problems. We are presenting you with the best MaxMate soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover.

With the use of a tonneau cover, you will eliminate the chance of robbery and keep your cargo away from prying eyes. It is so easy to mount on your truck bed as it comes in a user-friendly nature.

Who wants to put their precious things in danger when they can wrap them into a secure shield under a cover. Don’t ever miss the chance to buy the MaxMate soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover that will help you to protect your load.


  • Flawless design and marvelous matte finish
  • Velcro strip seals on both sides for tight security
  • Air-craft and industrial-grade side rails
  • Stainless material that resists stain and scratches
  • Heavy-duty rails and crossbars
  • Sleek design for gas saving
  • Tear-resistant vinyl
  • Tension and latching system
  • Weathertight locks
  • Double-action tailgate sealing
  • 10-years trouble-free warranty


A truck bed cover is fundamental as it ensures the things inside it as well as improves the vibe of a truck. So, if you want to buy a truck for personal use, you must take care of its protection. If you are going to take some cargo and load in it, there are high chances that your equipment will get stolen by the robbers or maybe get damaged by the weather conditions. If this will ever going to happen, you will go for a tonneau cover.

In this review, you will not only get the knowledge about the tonneau covers but also get acknowledged that how much a tonneau cover is necessary for your truck. It will make you believe that this is the top-rated tonneau cover presented by MaxMate. The highly-professional and well-trained team of MaxMate design the best tonneau covers for their customers with their full attention and ability. They make their full effort in the designing and assembling of tonneau covers. A tonneau cover increases fuel-efficiency by 10 to 13%.

The manufacturers work very hard to give the best possible results and make ease for the truck owners. These truck bed covers have the potential to withstand the weather conditions and disconnect the chances of robbery.

Design and Features:

Presented a tonneau cover from the MaxMate for those who are in search of tonneau cover for their Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra model. MaxMate offers this remarkable cover for the truck beds that has the measurements of 6.5-feet. It is intended for keeping the truck bed and the things in it free from any harmful element while you are traveling. It gives an elegant look to your truck when you install it and drive through it.

These covers help you in several useful ways. It offers to maximize the gas mileage, save your money at the gas station, secure your load, and keep your accessories dry and protected from water and other weather conditions. Uniquely structured in a smooth style that assists in saving extra gas up to 13%, and right now, cash will automatically save. Goes with side rails enveloped by air-craft grade aluminum alongside the stainless steel clamps for mounting to the truck bed.

Embedded tension and latching system offers your truck bed high security and safety from the outside danger or risk of weather and robbery. This MaxMate soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover is made with tear-resistant vinyl that makes this cover sturdy and weathertight.

Moreover, no-drill installation is the requirement needed to mount this cover. Even one person can easily fit this on the top of the truck bed whenever and wherever he wants. No hassle to install and remove, and also it accompanies a 10-year superb warranty period.

It is upholstered with the heavy-duty 24oz dual-coated cover. This cover is dipped into a marine-grade tear-resistant vinyl that ensures the quality of this cover. Also, this material helps to extend the life of the cover. Integrated horizontal crossbars in the frame make the rolling more comfortable and help make the bed more accessible. Whenever you need to access the load placed at the corner of the bed, roll it along with the crossbars and get the loadout quickly.

The most important feature of this cover is that it includes a latch lock system at the tailgate. It features Velcro strips that reliably seal both sides of the bed and lock them with the latching system. In this way, the mattress gets enough security and does not allow anything to enter.

  • The proper latching system is available
  • Provide maximum protection to the load
  • Convenient setting
  • The sleek design of the cover
  • Offers fuel-efficiency
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Sturdy frame made up of aluminum
  • Weather-resistant cover
  • It is not a hardcover.


The final thought is that this is one of the best MaxMate tonneau cover reviews we have given to you. So that one can easily choose their truck bed protection and finalize the best MaxMate tonneau cover for them. This tonneau cover lets you fit this customized cover to pack the bed into a secure house. It gives a safe and sound environment to your load. So don’t wait anymore, go, and get the one for your truck as it will enhance the gas mileage and also provide a convenient drive without any fear. It will cover your load and make your mind relax throughout the whole travel.

Maxmate Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover Review

Are you in search of finding some cover for your pickup truck? Do you afraid of ruining your goods or cargo by the weather in your truck’s open bed? So you should buy one of the best-rated tonneau covers for your truck.

You need a tonneau cover that will not just protect your truck bed from several challenges but also give an outclass look to your vehicle.

So you surely don’t want to put your precious things at risk; that is why you must own a tonneau cover for security. When you buy a tonneau cover for your truck, you will have to make the changes and modifications accordingly.

It will protect your cargo from nasty weather conditions and also protect from prying eyes. So why are you waiting for so long? Go and buy a MaxMate soft roll-up truck bed tonneau cover for your favorite model of Ford. When you buy this cover, you will get a durable, fuel-efficient, and sleek design tonneau cover.


  • Sleek design and Matte finish
  • Tear-resistant material
  • Bed length of 5.5 feet
  • Styleside truck bed
  • 2015-2021 Ford F-150
  • Built-in horizontal crossbars
  • Made out of heavy-duty 24oz
  • Marine-grade vinyl cover
  • Air-craft aluminum side rails
  • Stainless steel clamps
  • The tension system is available
  • Prop rod clips safely intended for toughness
  • 10-years hassle-free warranty


Thinking to buy a truck for you soon, then you will probably require a tonneau cover for its protection. Tonneau covers are hard or soft covers that used to span on the back of the truck to protect household things and cargo and for the improvement of aerodynamics. By using tonneau cover, you will be able to transport your cargo and equipment with high protection and security. It also helps to improve the gas efficiency of your truck.

But if you don’t know which tonneau cover will best suit your truck model of Ford, then we have a solution for you. We have provided a thorough review of the best MaxMate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover for Ford F-150Our detailed review will let you know all about the tonneau cover presented by the MaxMate. This MaxMate tonneau cover is one of the best suitable tonneau covers under 1000. This point will doubtlessly convince you to have one for your truck.

MaxMate hires the best team that specially designed the tonneau covers by utilizing their best skills. They pay their super attention during the designing and manufacturing of these tonneau covers to provide high-class results to their customers. This top of the line tonneau cover has all the qualities which take this cover at the top of the table of bed covers. This tonneau cover features a roll-up facility along with the facility of easy installation. The customers will surely enjoy the drive without any fear of ruining cargo.

Design and Features:

If you own a truck of your choice, you will surely not let the truck bed and cargo get damaged. So why don’t you buy a MaxMate soft roll-up tonneau cover for your truck? As it offers several facilities to its users. This sturdy tonneau cover provides access to the bed as you start rolling it. The more you roll it up, the more you will get the bed access and easily acquire whatever you want.

This sleek style cover protects your cargo while driving on the uneven roads and areas. It successfully removes the risk of robbery and protects your cargo against unkind weather situations such as rain, storm, lightning, wind, and heat. Designed in Us and comes with the facility of 10-years hassle-free warranty. So that you don’t need to worry about its warranty and assurance, it is made up of the top-notch material that will never require getting an exchange or will never dissatisfy you.

It is constructed of marine-grade vinyl that is a high-quality material used to ensure durability. The whole tonneau cover is dual-coated with heavy-duty 24oz that helps to provide enough protection to your cargo from heat and adverse weather conditions.

It comes with under-the-bedrail Bedliner, which doesn’t need any modification and changes. Moreover, it helps to secure the clamps for easy cover setup. Provide the ultimate shield to your pickup truck against the risks of robbery. It is one of the best maxmate covers. Furthermore, when it comes to the durability of this cover, let us tell you one thing. The entire frame of this cover is made up of aluminum that is a high-grade material and offers an excellent lifetime service.

The heavy-duty aircraft-grade aluminum frame gives you much convenience and assurance that your cargo will remain safe throughout travel. Also, this cover resists the water so that you can drive without the fear of weather conditions that can damage the cargo. What’s more? It is an effortless tonneau cover that takes less time for the setup without making you tired. Very quick and straightforward to install the same as easy to remove. In short, it is the best cover for your Ford 150 2015 to 2021 model.

Its marvelous design and execution easily catch the eyes of most of the people. It doesn’t require any drilling as it is so much easy to mount to your truck bed.

  • Installation is flawless
  • Extreme protection from rain, heat, and storm
  • Tear-resistant roll-up cover
  • The sturdy frame of the cover ensures durability.
  • Its sleek design with matte finish eliminates the risks of scratches.
  • Can easily roll in and out quickly
  • It saves up to 13% gas mileage.
  • Clamps are bulky
  • Slightly difficult to remove


Never compromise on the safety and protection of your valuable things from getting stolen and damaged, so settle for the MaxMate roll-up tonneau cover for Ford-150 that will surely help you. This tonneau cover can not flap during the fast driving and save up to 13% of gas usage that makes this cover worth considering. You can easily fold it and remove it wherever and whenever you want.

Maxmate Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Review

Cargo-loading has always been a necessity long before the invention of vehicles. So far, the best and safest way of hauling cargo is through a pickup truck. Now, we all know how massive and good looking these vehicles are, but some problems come with having a pickup truck.

The first problem is the excessive fuel consumption, and the second is rain. Unfortunately, it can be a bit tricky to find a solution for the first problem, and you might even have to modify your engine or hack some chunks of your truck’s body.

On the other hand, the rain and other ugly weather conditions dampening your pickup truck’s bed can be fixed. If your truck has a bed, you lead stuff onto it for transportation, but have you ever considered covering the equipment up with something? If not, that’s a huge loss.

If you leave your truck bed uncovered, there are many possibilities for a series of accidents happening with it. The equipment may get stolen or destroyed by harsh weather conditions. Do you want a proper solution to this problem? If yes, then the best tonneau cover will help you protect your truckload efficiently. There are plenty of tonneau covers available in the market that you can try on your truck, but it can be not easy to find one that suits your truck correctly.

Here’s a thought, why not go for the MaxMate Soft Roll-up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover? It is one of the absolute best tonneau covers in the entire industry of truck bed covers. Besides that, MaxMate is a well-reputed vehicle gear company that has been in business for a long time. Today, we will tell you about the MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau cover, and whether it’s suitable for your truck.


  • Stainless Steel clamps
  • US design patented
  • Latch system on the tailgate
  • Manufactured with dual-coated 24-oz Vinyl
  • Horizontal crossbars are pre-assembled
  • Aluminum Frames
  • Velcro strip seals
  • No-drill installment


It requires a brave heart to leave a truck loaded with equipment uncovered in the middle of the night. How long can you use traditional methods to cover the truck bed up? That is never a reliable solution because it can easily be taken off or torn.

What you need is a good quality tonneau cover. Have you considered using the MaxMate Soft roll-up tonneau truck bed cover?

The MaxMate Roll-up tonneau cover is compatible with the 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra models with 5.5 FT beds. The common reason why a lot of truck owners prefer this tonneau cover above others is that it is easy to use and does not demand any complicated knowledge regarding the installation process.

More on this, only a thick and efficiently constructed tonneau cover can last for a long time and protect your equipment from getting damaged or stolen, the MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau cover both thick and loaded with tons of amazing features that will satisfy all the truck users.

Design and Features

This product is regarded as one of the top-rated tonneau covers in the market. MaxMate tonneau cover is manufactured with a US patented design that includes dual-coated 24-oz, High-grade vinyl top.

Besides that, it also includes heavy-duty aluminum-coated clamps and side rails with pre-assembled horizontal crossbars that provide a lot of support when you want to roll the cover-up.

When it comes to the clamps, they work efficiently, and we love how the crossbars are bowed for a great deal of support and natural water flow from the top.

Furthermore, the Velcro strap seals enhance the cover’s sides, and the latch lock system on the tailgate provides security.

Also, you can adjust the cover’s tension, all thanks to the tension system located on the side rails. The tension system makes sure the cover is wrinkle-free and tight during the drive. Another great thing about this tonneau cover is that it offers a no-drill installation.

Though it is elementary to set it up, it still includes a user-friendly instruction manual for installation purposes. Moreover, even if you have a Bedliner cover, the MaxMate tonneau cover will always fit perfectly.

Like other vehicles that feature over-the-bed rail Bedliners, you have to cut tiny holes to protect the clamps from damaging. Besides that, it works great without any modification for trucks with under-the-bed rail Bedliners.

The MaxMate Soft Roll-up tonneau truck bed cover features weather stripping to eliminate the presence of water or moisture. Also, the straps are available to cover the three areas of the cover from strong winds while you’re on the road.

Without a doubt, this is an easy to use tonneau cover, and the 10-year warranty makes it even worth-while.

  • Pre-assembled horizontal slabs
  • Durable
  • Heavy-duty tarp and rails
  • Latch system
  • Some issues of durability
  • The side rails are heavy



When you buy a pickup truck, the first thing that comes to mind is that the truck bed is bare and open. You want to make sure your truck is protected, and the care will not cost you a fortune. To fix this problem, it is best to search for a beautiful tonneau cover to equip your truck with. A truck bed cover offers many benefits; it protects your cargo from unwanted situations and enhances the appearance and gas mileage of your truck as well.

Other than being extremely efficient, it is also an affordable way of protecting your investment. Moreover, you need to select a cover that easily fits your truck and does not require any technical knowledge to operate. The MaxMate Roll-up truck bed cover is your best bet, as it is feature-filled, easy to use and install, locks up tightly, and offers an incredible 10-year warranty.

Maxmate Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover Review

Of course, buying a pickup truck is a huge investment. As you know, significant investments come great responsibilities, so it is up to you to take good care of your pickup truck. The purpose of a pickup truck is easy; to haul load up for transportation.

With that being said, whenever you load the bed of your truck with equipment, you must make sure nothing will happen. The question is, how will I take care of my truckload? The answer is simple, a tonneau cover.

It is not difficult to find the best tonneau cover to cover your truckload with; you have many options. Not only is a tonneau cover beneficial, but it is also essential for your truck if you plan to carry equipment in the bed or do a lot of transport. A good tonneau cover will not just protect what you keep in your truck bed; it will also enhance your truck’s appearance. On the other hand, it is a real challenge to find a tonneau cover that fits your vehicle’s make and model.

If you own 2005-2019 Nissan Frontier; 2009-2014 Suzuki Equator models, then you can opt for the MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover. We have reviewed dozens of truck bed covers, but none of them seemed to match the greatness and usefulness of the MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover.

Users love this cover because it is easy to use and comes with plenty of bells and whistles. Besides that, it is an excellent investment for your truck as well. Also, It is suitable for 5 FT beds only. Here, we will tell you everything there is to know about the MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover. Let’s begin our review.


  • Us Manufactured Design
  • Aircraft-Grade construction
  • Honeycomb shape for complete protection
  • Aluminum Frame
  • Provided hardware made from stainless steel and glass-filled nylon
  • Quick-release clamping
  • 10-year warranty
  • 5FT Bed
  • 2009-2014 Suzuki Equator, 2005-2019 Nissan Frontier


We can’t highlight how important it is to protect the equipment you keep in your truck bed. Besides that, you must make sure that the truck cover you choose has everything you need to keep your truckload safe and looking good.

Without a doubt, you have many options to go, but will it be easy for you to differentiate between quality and quantity? A good quality tonneau cover will prevent your equipment from being stolen or destroyed, plus it will make sure every object is aligned perfectly with the other inside the cover.

The MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover is an excellent option for the 2005-2019 Nissan Frontier and the 2009-2014 Suzuki Equator models with 5FT beds. Another good thing about this tonneau cover is that it is the US-patented, making it easier for truck owners to rely on this product with full confidence.

Furthermore, this is a quality truck cover that provides amazing performance in keeping your items safe and intact. Other than that, it is made to last for a long time and is manufactured from hardcore materials that make this cover a strong resistant of unwanted conditions. Also, you get a decent gas mileage with this product as well.

Design and Features

The MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold tonneau cover works like any other cover from MaxMate, but the most exciting thing about this cover is that it is easy to install. Most truck bed covers take several hours to connect only to know that they look terrible on your truck.

Luckily, that’s not the case with this cover. It is one of the best-rated tonneau covers in the market. It does the best job of keeping your truckload safe and sound. Also, the fear of leaving your truck outside in the middle of the night goes away.

So, if you are a truck owner and are constantly worried about your truck equipment, stop worrying and get yourself the MaxMate Soft Tri-fold tonneau cover. It is obvious to understand that when you leave your truck out in the open without shielding it, bad things happen. You can buy this efficient and heavy-duty tonneau cover from MaxMate and fulfill your truck traveling destiny.

It is manufactured from heavy-duty construction materials, including tear-resistant vinyl and aluminum alloy frames. Because of the vinyl, the cover looks sleek and fresh. Besides that, it is dual-coated with 24-oz military-grade vinyl. It features stainless steel clamps, and other parts are of exceptional quality and are built to last for several years.

You’ll love how protective and efficient this cover is by the Latch locking system. It is a regular feature that makes sure your truck bed is attached tightly to keep out any dirt or moisture that tries to get in. Additionally, the hinge seal protects your truckload from unwanted weather conditions.

  • Excellent cover
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • LED light
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Hingle seal for unwanted weather conditions
  • Made from scratch-resistant material
  • Not so durable



The MaxMate Soft Tri-Fold is a multi-purpose tonneau cover that not just protects your truck equipment, but also enhances your truck’s gas mileage and appearance. Also, it comes under an affordable price, so who wouldn’t want to fix their truck up with a sweet looking cover.

We love how easy-going this truck bed cover is, you have to install it with the no-drill installation method and shield your equipment up with the best possible way of security. Thanks to MaxMate Soft Tri-fold tonneau cover, you can leave your truck during the night with the satisfaction that nothing will happen to it.