Best Gator Truck Tonneau Cover Reviews 2021

Your truck isn’t just for picking you from your home to your work and then back again. It really doesn’t matter what are you are carrying; maybe there are tools, golf club accessories, construction equipment, dirt bikes, or anything in between; in short, your truck is actually an important part of your life.

Moreover, with the help of Gator Covers, you will get a comprehensive line and various styles of truck bed covers that can simply suit any purpose. Play or work, Gator may always be there to cover your equipment.

The Gator Covers provide you with a 100% satisfied guarantee. We have seen so many satisfying customers who are still using the Gator Covers to easily covered up their trucks and tools.

However, under its 60 days of the money-back guarantee, the cover simply fits your lifestyle. If you are not loving your cover at all, then you can also swap it or easily exchange it with a brand-new Gator Cover.

All the truck’s owners know how important their truck would be for themselves, right? Whether you are using trucks for your work or just for play, these trucks basically reflect a passion and as well as, you can perform so many things while owning them.

But of course, covering trucks would another important factor. Gator Covers are here to help you born to help your truck for being saved from sudden disasters or dirt/dust as well.

Whether you are a hunter, builder, farmer, homeowner, fisherman, or any such combination of these things, the Gator Covers will always help you while giving you a special need of covers, so check out the covers below and get yourself the perfect one ahead.

ProductWeight (lbs)Fitting Size 
GC24019 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover525' 6"
GC34006 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover
555' 7"
GC14002 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover
GC14019 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover For Chevy Silverado
606' 6"
GC34008 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover For Dodge Ram 1500
525' 7"
59101 Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover For GMC Silverado
305' 8"
59409 Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma
53107 Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover For GM Silverado

1) GC24019 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover

Gator Covers Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover | GC24019

One of the top-rated tonneau covers offers you with a wide combination of versatile performance and easy to folding capability. GC24019 Gator cover can easily fit 2015-2021 Ford F-150 while allowing you the adjustments of 5 feet 5 inches bed.

It is made with a tough truck bed protection ability to make your trucks safe and secure. However, with the help of this Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold cover, you will get the experience of heavy-duty aluminum panels construction. Also, the cover allows you with the feature of its automatically lock at the moment when closed.

It may also be providing you with a high level of security, which is only found in these hard folding tonneau covers. Whereas, the panels are all coated with the feature of a unique scratch-resistant, black powder finishing coat, and as well as UV-protective.

Such an easy installation makes the low design profile and light in weight. No more extra heaviness and bad odor at all, this EFX tonneau cover is here to allow you with the experience of easy installation simply. And of course, the installation may hardly take less than 30 minutes, there would be no more need for tools or drilling at all.

  • Weather protection: of course, the design has specially made with the feature of high-quality performance and as well as it is also weather protected to give you extra comfort and support.
  • Automatic lock system: yes, when you close the cover, it will be locked all automatically without giving you any hurdle or tension.
  • Perimeter rubber seal: yes, with the help of the features like perimeter rubber seal and as well as inner drain tubes, the cover simply protects your truck bed from water and other liquid elements.
  • 3 years of limited warranty: the Gator EFX Hard Folding Cover will simply be giving you their 3 years of the limited warranty time period for protection and higher security.
  • Made in the USA: yes, the design has made in the USA and imported as well to provide you with higher satisfaction and superior performance in any weather condition.
  • Low profile design: such a low profile design that allows you to protect all of your loaded items inside the truck without any fear of damaging.
  • Low profile design
  • Imported quality
  • Rubber seal
  • Inner drain tubes
  • But it is really expensive.


2) GC34006 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover

Gator Covers Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover GC34006

This is the best tonneau cover under 600$ available for you right now by which you can cover your truck and save your equipment from dirt or damage. Whereas, these Gator Covers are specifically made for 2009-2018 Dodge Ram 1500, and as well as 2019-2021 (Classic) 5 feet along with 7 inches Bed size w/out RamBox.

That would be the best cover for truck owners to provide complete bed protection along with the important feature of the folding style. Although, GC34006 gator etx tonneau cover has also been constructed with all heavy-duty aluminum panels. And for sure, these panels simply offer you an automatic locking system.

Thus, this locking system enables once when you closed the cover. So, that you can get the experience of higher security level through this one and the only hard folding tonneau cover. Also, don’t forget to notice those panels which are all coated along with a scratch-resistant, as well as UV-protective, and of course, a black powder coat finish.

These extremely finest quality features and styles simply make the cover more reliable and extra durable. You will also get the experience of easy and quick installation, all thanks to its low-profile design.

Moreover, the best part of having this EFX tonneau cover would be its high panel quality along with folding style design.

  • Weather protection superior quality: all thanks to the new integrated water management system, which is here inside the cover to keep away the rain, dirt/dust, or even snow, out of your truck bed.
  • 3 years of limited warranty: of course, built within the USA and imported as well to provide you with a limited warranty of 3 long years.
  • Perimeter rubber seals: through the feature of inner drain tubes and perimeter rubber seals, it will keep the water away from the bed.
  • Higher protection: so, yes, there would be a higher chance for protection and safety to your equipment and tools inside the truck.
  • Easy to install: You can easily get quick attachments and installation as well. This truck bed cover just needs to further mount to the inner area of the truck bed railings providing the cover to easily and completely sit flush along with your truck bed.
  • Fully protective
  • Easy to fix
  • Automatic lock power
  • Inner drain tubes
  • Convenient
  • It sometimes starts to leak water from the corners.


3) GC14002 Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover 

Gator Covers Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover GC14002

The best tonneau cover for Tacoma to easily cover everything and provide you with great comfort. This Gator Cover can easily be able to fit your 2015-2021 Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon with 5 feet Bed size. You can conveniently place anything inside your truck now while covering it in the end with this product.

You can truly find an inner peace when you just go and enjoy your ride without any fear of damaging. However, this tough truck bed also gives you complete protection under its heavy-duty construction of aluminum panels. These panels can work like automatically lock just at the moment when closed.

Now, you will surely get an extreme level of safety and protection under this hard folding tonneau covers. Also, with the help of its coated panels, you can get the experience of a scratch-resistant, black powder finest coat finish, and UV-protective features.

And of course, the installation process is also very easy and quick while offering you with versatile protection. GC14002 EFX tonneau cover is specially made up with strong construction to provide you easy installation, and that would be around within 30 minutes.

No need for extra tools or drills at all, this higher quality truck bed cover offers you to just simply mount it to the inside area of your truck bed rails and that’s it. The rails simply make your cover to sit perfectly and more precisely with your truck bed, it will also give you a stylishly low-profile look.

  • Perfect for wide trucks: of course, with the help of its adjustable size system, you can easily cover your truck and protect things and other items without any issue.
  • Easy to install: yes, it is also very easy to install and provide you with a quick installation process to save your time and effort for sure.
  • Weather protected: it is also made with the weather-protected materials to give you the best experience in the end.
  • Perimeter rubber seals: through this outstanding feature, your truck and those inside items will stay safe and protected from sudden damage.
  • Portable and durable: all thanks to the construction of aluminum panels that always make sure to protect your truck bed from rain, snow, and even from dirt or dust.
  • Quick attachment
  • Durable quality
  • Fully secure
  • No drill or tool needed
  • It is still very expensive at the price rates.


4) GC14019 Gator EFX Tonneau Cover For Chevy Silverado

Gator Covers Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover GC14019

Why choose such bad covers when you have this best waterproof tonneau cover? Yes, this one is just mind-blowing and safe your items from sudden fall, weather conditions, or terrible terrains. You can now easily load up your entire truck with anything you want, and cover it up in the end with this Gator Cover.

However, this cover by Gator actually can able to fits 2014-2018 & 2019 Chevy Silverado Legacy/GMC Sierra Limited along with the feature of 6 feet 6 inches Bed w/ rail system. So, now, all those truck owners find a lot more easiness and excitement to cover up their trucks and enjoy the ride again.

This powerful and easy to install GC14019 Gator EFX Hard Tri-Fold has made up with the material of heavy-duty aluminum panels, whereas, these panels are all automatic. They can simply lock automatically when closed so that you won’t need to do anything at all.

This simple cover by Gator offers you a higher level of security and protection. You can also find coated panels that help you and prevent your truck from any scratch, gives you a UV-protection, and as well as a black powder coat finish for an awesome look.

  • Rails for entire lock-up yes, the truck bed simply be able to further cover mounts to the area of the inside of your truck bed rails while allowing the Gator Cover to adjust completely.
  • Simple and weather-protected: it is very simple to install and its exciting feature or quality of weather protection equipped with a combined water management system to keep the snow, rain, dirt, and dust away.
  • The superior feature of inner drain tubes: these are here to simply away water from and out of bed, while offering you with its superior protection.
  • Limited manufacturer warranty: the product also comes up with its 3 years of warranty claim so that you can easily avail of its 3-year warranty.
  • Quick installation: It is really very easy to install this cover over to your truck bed to secure and protect everything inside it. This portable and low-profile design quickly set up within just 30 minutes or so. And of course, there would be no need for tools or for drilling.
  • No tools needed
  • Quick installation
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic lock
  • The overall quality is just average.


5)  GC34008 Gator EFX Tonneau Cover For Dodge Ram 1500

Gator Covers Gator EFX Hard Folding Truck Tonneau Cover GC34008

Made in the USA, presenting you the Gator EFX Hard Fold truck bed cover which is here to provide you with all the benefits of security and protection. The Gator EFX Hard Fold is specially made out of heavy-duty aluminum panels to give you the experience of smooth, low profile style cover.

GC34008 Gator EFX gives quality, style, and reasonable price value so that you can get a better outcome while attaching this one to your truck. However, as we have seen so many covers for truck bed already, but this one from Gator just win all the titles for sure.

The Gator EFX Hard Fold has a bed rail mounting style structure to further provide you with perimeter rubber seals along with drain tubes. Although, such drain tubes are here to easily and more conveniently keep away all water from your truck bed to keep it safe and protected.

You can drive as far as you can without any fear of falls or damaging your tools/equipment. The cover is solid in protection and made with the finest quality of material to work effectively. It is also made in the USA to give you extra satisfaction.

Although, with the help of its perimeter rubber seals, that may also provide you with inward drain tubes to further divert water from and out of your truck bed giving effective security from the elements.

The hard collapsing cover offers you with a clasp on rail style design that doesn’t require any kind of tools or equipment for installation.

  • Made in the USA: of course, the truck bed cover has been made in the USA with a higher concentration of durability and strong material.
  • Easy to attach: it is very easy to attach with your truck bed to simply protect it from all of that dirt, dust, and various weather factors.
  • Folding style: with the help of this folding style cover, you can find a lot of comforts and effortless support while attaching the cover.
  • Powerful performance: despite its strong construction, this wonderful Gator Cover simply gives you a powerful performance while locking up entirely when closed.
  • Rail style: this will make the attachment easier and effortless for most of the customers out there.
  • Lightweight
  • Superior attachment
  • No tools needed
  • Affordable
  • The corners aren’t that tough and secure.


6) 59101 Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover For GMC Silverado

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 59101

59101 Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold truck bed cover makes your life easier and comfortable for taking long routes with lots of items and equipment inside the truck bed. This has made up with a durable construction style frame to provide you with convenient protection and longer durability for use several times without any issue.

However, it has also come up under such affordable price rates to make your truck supportive and fully protective as well. Thus, through this soft fold truck bed cover, you can also be able to get the higher experience of easy installation, and that would be around only within 10 minutes.

Without taking any advantage of the use of special tools, and drills, this simple cover can be installed easily to your truck bed. You just have to simply clamp the rails above the truck bed, and that’s it, you’re all ready to go.

The Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold is a foldable truck bed cover made with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and as well as with cross-bows that purposely support the overall protection and security.

This one is also tear-resistant, industrial-strength vinyl, while it gives you a sleek and stylish look that surely feels you stay under the sky, in any weather condition. Extra-strength sealing is here to provide you with a tight seal throughout the cover’s perimeter and keeps dust, rain, and snow away from your truck bed.

You will simply find huge protection towards your cargo throughout the time. The Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold is also built in the USA by giving you a lifetime limited warranty. This would be the best choice for you to stay in touch with your work while covering the back of your truck.

  • Built to last: all thanks to its heavy-duty aluminum panels, which simply protect items carefully while offering a longer lifespan guarantee.
  • Scratch-resistant: of course, it is also scratch-resistant while also provide you with the feature of UV protection, and as well as a black powder finish coat.
  • Extra strength and durability: yes, through the strong construction, the entire cover simply protects and secures the tools and other items inside your truck.
  • Automatic lock system: all thanks to its water management system, which is here built inside the cover to keep everything away.
  • Longer lifespan
  • Limited warranty
  • Higher durability
  • Strength and powerful
  • Not so good in the price range.


7) 59409 Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover For Toyota Tacoma 

Gator ETX Soft Tri-Fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover 59409

This is the best design and best-fit Gator Cover available for you to make your life easier while giving your truck some major benefits. However, this design actually fits Toyota Tacoma 2016-20 (5′ bed) and also packed with various factors as well.

Whereas, it is way easier and supportive to install, no more need for a tool or any other equipment needed at all. 59409 Gator ETX Tri-Fold can also be able to further installed just within about 10 minutes and that’s all. This simple design Gator Cover has been packed with a simple clamping rails system.

And that’s how you don’t need to use any drill or tool, and ending up in having a quick, and as well as convenient cargo protection. Thus, this cover may also eliminate the elements while offering you its heavy-duty aluminum frame.

It also has industrial-strength vinyl along with the superior perimeter sealing to easily keep away the rain, snow, dirt, and dust. This convenient cover can easily protect your cargo and allow you to travel in any weather condition without any fear of damage.

It also offers you with simple operations, and as well as provide you with easy to open facility. You just have to simply fold the panels around the cab and then secure it tightly. You can easily secure it within its place with the help of its integrated buckling system.

  • Easy to open operations: of course, it has built with easy to open operations while making your life easier and protect your cargo.
  • Can handle large loads: without any doubt, this awesome cover can be able even to handle such large loads as well without any issue.
  • Sleek and reliable: built with lasting performance design to give you a sleek look and, of course, a low profile design for sure.
  • Customizable support: the cover has also made up with the feature of customizable support and gives you a tight fit and integrated look and feel.
  • Best for big trucks: yes, it is also good for such large and big trucks which always need to be covered while traveling all along.
  • Easy operations
  • Simple installation
  • Customizable support
  • Portable and durable
  • Strong construction
  • Not so attractive according to the price.


8)  53107 Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover For GM Silverado

The Gator ETX move up truck bed tonneau gives you the best protection and cover all of your heavy loads such brilliantly. However, it has made with all the important factors and features by which it can protect and secure all your items and cargo from the components when you need it.

Thus, it may also give you full use and covered to your truck bed area and, of course, built with the solid and heavy-duty aluminum construction to make it more suitable and reliable. The overall quality leather grain vinyl gives a smooth and sharp appearance.

Also, the flexible pressure control includes maintain the cover pulled tight in any condition, and within the mount, the configuration takes, you can easily build the cover over to your truck for absolutely amazing benefits. 53107 Gator ETX Soft Roll-Up truck bed cover is gladly made in the USA and as well as comes sponsored by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

You can enjoy your traveling moments ahead without any issue when you have this cover over to your cargo.

No more issue to use any tools or equipment at all, this finest quality cover is here to give you the best experience ever. You can go for long routes or shifting your items from one place to another without any fear.

However, there is also a feature called trigger latch that can be seen on the driver side of your cover which only takes easy to one-hand operation. You just need to roll the cover to the cab and then secure it all along with the storage strap so that you can get full bed access.

  • Fast and easy no-drill operation: yes, there would be no need for drilling or tooling at all, this wonderful product can make your life easier.
  • Inside mount: with the help of this feature, you can eventually get the full access to pale pocket holes so that you can use it with other accessories.
  • Full bed access: get the experience of full bed access when you have this amazing bed all around your truck.
  • Low profile design: such a low profile design that gives you an attractive and sleek stylish look.
  • Always look great
  • Inside mount feature
  • Full bed
  • Very easy to install
  • There are some missing parts of the product.


So, here you have come up to the end now of the best Gator Cover reviews.

These are the best brand you can see with affordable rates and higher durability. You can protect your cargo and such heavy loads as well while covering the truck bed one of these covers.